ZUUR presents: Random Numbers

An unique production at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Seen from above, the campus looks like a strange octopoid creature. An organic system of intertwining organisms.

Are you in or out ...?

Enter with us and focus on the microcosmic world of the Erasmus University. In a tour around the campus, we will venture into this world together and witness its stranger inhabitants and their habits. They are all by themselves; yet all are ultimately connected to a lost girl.

Who and where is she?

Do you want to escape the mundane and the routine? Random Numbers gives you this opportunity. English spoken.

Random Numbers plays several times a day from 24th till the 27th of May at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Book early, because tickets are limited.

Random Numbers

ZUUR is a theatre troupe that travels around Rotterdam, looking for special places at which to put on performances. On this occasion, the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam is our playground. By invitation of Erasmus Cultuur, ZUUR explores the unexpected places on the campus and transforms it into a surrealistic theatrical location where you will glimpse a totally different world. ZUUR creates this performance onsite. Random Places is a discovery not only for the audience, but also for ZUUR, as it browses the campus in search of beautiful, touching, ugly and hidden corners. The people who might feel at home in these strange sites are important figures in the play. Random Numbers is written by an employee of the University and the actors are all students. The set designers are inspired by them and provide an unusual perspective of the campus in order to alienate it from its original function.

"If you want to see it all, you will need to change your perspective from time to time".

As university students, visitors and employees work and live together in a fixed pattern, it's easy to disappear in an impersonal campus. Time passes and before you know it, it's hours later. Everything about the campus is anonymous and exchangeable, isn't it? In Random Numbers we get to know a few inhabitants. They wait, make music, read, drink coffee and have hope; meanwhile, nothing changes. Or does it?

Creative team

Random Numbers is an original production created by ZUUR. The performances are as wayward as their creators. ZUUR tries to captivate its audience directly into the theatre and surprise it with performances in unexpected places.

Director Bram Huijten // Dramaturg Judith Blankenberg // Actors Alev Keles, Dalibor Mihajlovic, Michael Rabbers, Myora Kuipers, Simone van Hulst // Set Design Choi Wong, Eline Houtkamp, Sander Huijzer // Technical design Chris Roorda // Production Aletta Oterdoom // Publicity Marieke Bergsma // Business Manager Joanne Mensert // Graphic Design Sylvia Stølan // Website Bart Roorda, Tuxion

ZUUR thanks:

Fedde van der Spoel-Erasmus Cultuur, Viola ten Berg, Menso de Maar, Erasmus Sportcentre, Wietske Rowaan, Rowan Fraser, Francis Hawken, Ike Teuling, Sieger Sloot, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Histartes and all volunteers.

In association with:

Gemeente Rotterdam, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Deelgemeente Kralingen-Crooswijk, Stichting Elise Mathilde and Erasmus Cultuur. Keep in touch with ZUUR and sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and our website.


The city is our stage

Rotterdam is an attractive city. Even if you don't see it immediately. Innovative architecture, historical buildings, dynamic areas like Katendrecht or 't Swaenshals and active ports. Rotterdam is a very modern city with all the downsides and benefits of a metropole. Take a look at our stage. Is it just a street, an old building, or is it something more? A place to feel at home, a place where you can find beautiful stories? The city is our stage.

ZUUR is a traveling troupe of theatre artist, looking for special places at which to put on performances. ZUUR reveals hidden aspects of the modern city. ZUUR explores the other side of well-known places, but also browses around in search of undiscovered treasures. Just as Rotterdam, ZUUR is dynamic. Never repeating a successful concept, but always looking for new ways and places to tell moving stories. ZUUR feels deeply connected with the existing surroundings. But ZUUR also adds new dimensions with stories, images and sounds.


Through the looking glass

If you want to see it all, you will need to change your perspective from time to time. ZUUR brings you to the edge of reality. All your senses will be stimulated into a state of not-knowing until the unimaginable is even possible.

ZUUR mixes great novels and beautiful stories into new shapes. Tales will unfold before your eyes. Life's a struggle and people have to deal with it. ZUUR focuses on the simple people who are working their way out of their difficulties. If they do, sometimes in an unbelievable way, it's astonishing to see how they succeed, even more often fail and against all odds try again.

History is a mirror to the present. ZUUR shows how history influences the present and the future, to understand a bit more about today.

Feel connected to the world around you and realise why the impossible is sometimes the only possible way. Escape from reality into an unique experience.


The performance is at campus Woudestein, Burgermeester Oudlaan 50, 3062 PA Rotterdam.
The meeting point will be notified after buying the tickets.

By car

By public transport

By bike

From the centre Coolsingel: cycle south and go left at Blaak. Cycle straight ahead until Oostplein. Turn right onto Oostzeedijk. Cycle straight ahead to Woudestein stadion. Turn left onto Burgermeester Oudlaan. Take the second entrance into the campus at Collegelaan. After the carpark, there is a place to park your bike. It is necessary to park your bike in the stable.

Map of Rotterdam, with route to 'Random Numbers'

Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong
Photo by Choi Wong


Buy your tickets via the form at the right. Normal price: € 10. Students: € 7.50.

Random Numbers plays several times a day from the 24th to the 27th May at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking by e-mail, together with information about directions and the starting point of the performance. After the performances it is possible to have a drink in the sports building on the campus.

Important: the performances are not accessible for people with a walking disability or people with claustrophobia.

Last minute tickets

On the day of the performance the online ticketing stops at 3:30 pm. Note: you can only pay in cash.

Information about ticket availability on the day of the performances can be obtained by calling 0031 10 2270564.



Arita, Marcel and Marlous wrote:
It was a very surprising experience. Every story on its own but somehow connected to each other. Well done to the performers for their perfect English. Unusual bu t beautiful location and costume design.
j. de kluyver wrote:
Ever since I printed random numbers the pinter keeps printing these whenever I start the printer what makes the performance a rather sour aftertaste.
margriet van der linde wrote:
It was very special, we were impressed!
First of all, thanks for the interesting experience.
I am not really convinced about the choice of English as the spoken language for the play, except the University as an international institutions and therefore English language. But I do not see a connection between the play itself and the language. I would love to hear the explanation of the makers.
I liked the story and the way it hase been toled. I liked the first scene very much, with coffi beans and everything. I am not convinced with the way that the Guide communicate with us, His presentation was not concrete.
Thanks again.
Hilde wrote:
Very nice! We enjoyed the evening?!
paulien fontein wrote:
Original,inspired, interesting, po√ętic. Beautiful language and beautiful performers. Well done you all together!
Jan avec le Petit Achternaam wrote:
There's Nothing here.
Theatergroep ZUUR wrote:
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